Solar Powered in Adelaide!

Quick update – i bought a V.W.!!  Yes , very excited – i am planning a trip now to Melbourne and maybe up to Sydney. I bought the trusty V.W. for A$3800 – pretty good i think. The one i owned years ago at Netarts cost me more 15 years ago, so i think i was real lucky!Its got a fridge, 2 beds, cooker,T.V. – everything i need ! One more thing, the owner put two 75 watt solar panels on the roof – he is very knowledgeable about solar power and has extensive knowledge as you can see at his website. The solar panels feed into a small solar inverter and that solar electricity feeds my appliances – simple and effective. Solar power in Adelaide is booming due to Government feed in tariffs i am told. The solar panels produce electricity from around 10 am to 4pm – they are mounted on the roof – looks cool and i have a green energy, self reliant power source now!It came with with two deep cycle batteries and can run a 550 watt microwave oven with a 1200 watt inverter. I have to agree with that others who talk about about getting a real portable fridge.My domestic is as moody as my ex. I ALWAYS bring a 48 qt ice chest. I guess the V.W. engines are ok until you have to get it services in S.A.. I’ve heard they can give you a bad time when they find out your playing musical motors. The EPA in Australia  is only going to get worse with people as they are very ‘green”. Just food for thought, I would rather have someone just build my stock Vanagon engine and your still original.

People are so passionate about V.W’s – check out this youtube clip (not solar powered, runs off the alternator by the looks)


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