Trip Down Under 2012

Pete Matthews is a friend of 40+ years, also originally from Netarts, but moved away in the 19080′ and now resides in Port Adelaide, Australia , see for more information – a great spot!. He gets back to Netarts every couple of years and invited my, on his last trip, to visit in 2012, Adelaide and stay a while. So as i write i am looking out at Semaphore beach to the North of the City of Adelaide. Pete’s a mad V.W. fan and has been since his hippy days in the 60′s. I feel very nostalgic around old V.W’s as i too grew up on them, particularly Westfalias. If you don’t know what one is , and im sure you will when you see the photo below , read this Westfalia. As i am staying in Australia for 3-4 months i thoght i would check out buying one. In Australia, it seems, there is clearly a price premium for the Westfalias. Owning a westfalia is terrific, but owning ANY VW bus or van can be terrific. You might be just as happy with an 86-90 non-camper Vanagon with the fold down seat in the back and the middle seat removed. Some might even find that to be the best sleep in the van VW since the back seat folded down is a nice wide bed with sit up headroom. While having all the built-ins is great: cabinets, sink, stove are pretty good, there are things to consider. The fridge is a bit of a joke. You may decide you really don’t want to cook meals inside the van: oils, smells, cleanup canall become issues. In fact you may decide that even if you have a stove inside that you actually will get a used coleman 2 burner for cooking outside anyways because what can be better than really getting outside and cooking up dinner. My son is an avid camper, climber, skier and he takes the Syncro as his trusty rusty bivisack. He has a choice. He packs up water in jugs/bottles, has several stoves including a jet stove for heating up the perfect cup of tea, and his gear/clothing are in an array of packs. He takes a tent, he frequently sleeps outside the van to really get the most our of camping. They routinely sleep 3 in the back during winter/wet conditions: head to toe in sleeping bags on the fold down seat. I recommend the Vanagons to newbies, and usually the 86 onward models that have had at least one really good rebuild. Feel free to email me directly to discuss the reasons, we don’t need to start one of the old avalanches of email on the mailing list. If you do go the bus route get someone who really knows the VW bus to go with you or take it to your local VW expert shop and pay the cost of a thorough evaluation. If you are looking for deep nostalgia, get a bus, there is no substitute. Look at this beauty:

VW Westfalia - Netarts blog


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