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Welcome to my Netarts Blog. My name is Daniel Ryan and i grew up in Netarts. This is my blog.


Netarts Amazing Landscape

I spent my childhood wandering around Netarts and in particular Netarts Bay with my best friend Jay Brown – I have not seen Jay for 30 years but still remember the amazing sea life and hide outs we discovered . These memories stay with me to this day. We found crabs, the odd bald eagle and fished for days on end – an amazing place and an amazing childhood.

There is an important need to ensure the Netarts environment is preserved and saved for future generations to enjoy. Many have enjoyed crabbing, swimming or just breathing in the wonderful Netarts air and it is important the environment remains sustainable.

John, a long time visitor to Netarts commented to me recently saying (on the subject of sustainable environments and communities), “i have had similar experience for over 20 years trying to create a sustainable yet economically viable community….i am not giving up either, but adjusting and refining as i go….still not there yet, but what i am learning is that each one of us is at different levels and stages of being ready for change and evolution and sustainable living and the group mind experience/experimnent….even us community leaders need to adjust our positions at times and be flexible so, if we can find others at about the same level of knowledge, capability or responsibility with nature and then operate with consensus instead of a leader, we can attempt to move on to higher levels of awareness of environmental consciousness . At some point in time leadership gets in the way of taking the next step – the shift out of leadership is nearly impossible for 99 out of a hundred, including us community leader types….if you are truly tired of being the leader, study consensus decision making and turn the place over to a non-profit consensus land trust and be one of the consensus board members and see if you are ready for that level of non-leadership….it may take some time to find others interested in being equal partners in  consensus, as it is fairly new to most peoples awareness, but if nothing else it will be a great spiritual experience….there may still be some who come and go, but if you find just one passionate about consensus non-leader paradigm and are open enough yourself to letting go of leadership, the sky is the limit. Remember that saying, “whenever two or more of us are gathered, eh????….. – thanks John.


Pat B , a friend of 25 years and long time and passionate friend of the Oregon Coast wrote a somewhat despairing letter to the local paper:

Dear Editor
I am unsatisfied with the current state of the world and wish to take action to amend the injustices I see. Of all the issues presently in the news oil, energy, and the price of human life seem to be common themes. I have therefore drawn the conclusion that perhaps the underlying cause of theses injustices is this worlds’ addiction to nonrenewable resources, including fossil fuels. It seems clear then that the most effective method of securing this country against terrorism, and stabilizing our social, economic, and environmental, conditions is to move away from an energy system based on nonrenewable resources, to a community based renewable energy system. Five minutes on the internet will prove to
anyone that the energy in the sun, wind, water, in the garbage we throw away, and the earth itself are capable of  providing a better quality energy sources for our homes, businesses, and to help us get around. Oregon and Portland are lucky to finally have individuals in public office that understand the word sustainability and are willing to act to manifest it.
In acting on my personal beliefs to break America’s addiction I have chosen to assist in the ongoing work toward freeing Oregon as an example to the rest of the world. Recent events have raised public awareness about their consumption habits and the true price of their continued dependence on nonrenewable resources. People are beginning to understand where their power comes from beyond the switch and the pump, and they are beginning to make change. To help
facilitate that change I have created a discussion group to pool information and resources about sustainability, and how we can make Oregon an oil-free state. Working together we will make a difference.

People are passionate about Netarts and our part of the world and rightly so!

Crabbing at Netarts – I have spent hundreds of happy hours crabbing at Netarts. I found this clip on youtube – brings back memories!!

Love Netarts? Have an interesting story – i would love to post some community posts on my blog – drop me a line if you are interested.



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